Intro to Intuitive Eating

How to End the Diet Binge Cycle of Hell


Are you caught in the infuriating, painful cycle of being 'good' for a while and then totally blowing it?

Do you feel like there's something wrong with your willpower because you just can't seem to stick to anything long enough to see real progress?

Are 'Last Supper' binges before starting over on a new diet a weekly occurrence in your life?

If so, you've definitely hit the diet rock bottom.

Here are some additional symptoms you might be experiencing:

  • Just the thought of going on a new diet makes you want to eat everything in sight.
  • You have a slice of pizza or a glass of wine and think "Welp, now I've ruined it, might as well go nuts!"
  • You obsess over food every day and can't trust yourself around it.
  • You berate yourself when you feel like you've been 'bad'.
  • The length of time you can stick to something is getting shorter and shorter.
  • Seems like you can gain 5 lbs overnight but it takes forever to lose just 1 or 2.
  • You find yourself wanting to skip out on socializing because you don't want to blow your diet or you're so self-conscious you don't want anyone to see you.
  • You call yourself fat and disgusting more than you'd like to admit.
  • Getting dressed in the morning is a nightmare.
  • You're putting certain things off in life until you lose the weight.
  • You constantly feel guilty about what you eat or for not working out more.
  • And you wish you could just put this struggle behind you so you can finally have the life you really want for yourself.

Um, are you guys inside my head?

Yeah. We kind of are. Because we've been there. And we know exactly how you feel.

We've got some great news for you though: there's a way out of this hell.

And it doesn't require going on a new diet or using a Keto pee strip to find out if you're doing it right.


There's a better way.

A way that doesn't:

  • Require punishing exercise, strict rules, deprivation or tacky, weigh-in meetings with bad lighting in sad, little strip malls.
  • Make you want to avoid life and stay in, alone on your couch, while you try not to eat any more for the day.
  • Measure your worth by the scale or your success by how closely you've followed your meal plan.

And don't even get us started on points or macros.

This new, better way is called Intuitive Eating and it's straight up life-changing.


The big issue is that you (like most women) haven’t been taught how to trust your body, listen to its signals and follow your own intuition when it comes to food.

So you rely on outside (oftentimes conflicting) rules from the ‘experts’ on what and when and how much to eat.

This always backfires. Because it's not how human beings are designed, especially women.

We’re more emotional and nuanced than that. And we’re never going to stick to the goddamn meal plan or points allowance.

Intuitive Eating is so effective because it teaches you how to drown out all the noise and confusion and learn to trust your own body again.

To get rid of the nasty voice in your head, relax around food, eat what you want and maintain your ideal weight.

Yes. Seriously.

Picture this:

  • You’ve made peace with food and your body and you’re no longer chronically dieting or obsessing about it all.
  • You trust your body’s cues and nourish yourself fully without guilt, shame or anxiety.
  • You no longer feel the need to restrict, so you’ve stopped feeling so out of control around food. (Like, you can eat one cookie without eating the whole box.)
  • You’ve freed up all the time, energy and mind space you’ve been wasting on dieting in order to create a deeply fulfilling and joyful life that you’re excited about.
  • Getting dressed each morning is easy and you leave for work feeling empowered (and on time).
  • You actually enjoy dinners out with friends now and eat whatever you want without feeling like you have to make up for it later.
  • You never have to calculate points or count calories again.
  • You exercise in a way that feels good and that you actually look forward to.
  • Instead of fighting against your body, you’re in a healthy relationship with her.
  • You feel confident and at home in your body and in your life.
  • You’re healthier because taking excellent care of yourself now feels great.
  • And you’re having way more fun and feeling better in your own skin than you can ever remember feeling as an adult.

This is all possible for you when you become an Intuitive Eater.


We’re Bridget Shannon and Dana Barron, Co-Founders of Wellness Lately, Holistic Health Coaches and Intuitive Eating enthusiasts. We help women stop dieting, beating themselves up and feeling like shit.

We spent the majority of our 20s dieting to lose weight in order to be happy and healthy and have our awesome, perfect lives.

Only to find out that the equation is broken.

Not only does dieting not work to lose weight, but it distracts you from more fulfilling endeavours by creating a painful preoccupation with food and your body, driving you nuts and depleting your energy and confidence.

Oh, and it also makes you gain weight. So, that’s fun.

The truth is, there’s no way to feel good in your own skin or create a life that feels exciting, when you’re spending all of your time agonizing over each bite of food, measuring your worth by the scale each morning or calling yourself fat all day long.

There just isn’t.

When we found Intuitive Eating, we got our lives and our confidence back.

Our weight stabilized.

We healed our whack ass relationships with food and our bodies.

And we reclaimed the time and energy that dieting was stealing from us.

Now we want the same for you. And for women everywhere.

We’re tired of the Wellness Industry’s thinly veiled version of diet culture. We want to create a no-bullshit conversation about wellness for women like us - who are fed up with it all.

Because you don’t need another meal plan, or to double down on what hasn’t been working for you for years (or possibly decades).

You need a paradigm shift.

You need to unlearn all the bullshit and relearn how to actually take care of yourself. Reconnect to your inner wisdom. Heal your broken relationship with food and your body. And move on with your life.

And that’s exactly what this course will teach you how to do.

Inside Intro to Intuitive Eating you’ll learn:

  • Exactly what Intuitive Eating is and how it will get you out of this painful, diet cycle.
  • How you got into this hole and how to start climbing back out.
  • What kind of eater you’ve become and exactly where you’re starting out.
  • The different stages of becoming an Intuitive Eater.
  • The 10 principles for healing your relationship with food and your body.
  • Why dieting actually creates a lot of the problems you’re currently struggling with.
  • How to reverse your body’s seemingly uncontrollable urge to eat everything.
  • Why doing the exact opposite of what diets tell you to do alleviates the frustrating, compulsive behaviors you *think* are a symptom of your shitty willpower.
  • How to cope with and overcome the nasty voice in your head ‘shoulding’ all over you when it comes to food and why it’s so important.
  • How to reconnect to your body attunement which will start to guide you away from overeating and let you relax and enjoy food again.
  • Why eating like the French and enjoying ice cream and bagels is actually good for you.
  • How to stop emotional eating and making everything worse for yourself.
  • How to feel better about yourself even if you hate your body right now.
  • The swap that makes exercise something you look forward to so you do it regularly.
  • How to use all the amazing nutrition information out there without being a psycho and slipping back into the food crazy that leads to all the restricting and binging.
  • And more.

This course is a DIY, self-study course designed to be accessed by anyone at any time on any schedule.

There are 15 video lessons with corresponding assignments (in PDF form) that will teach you exactly how to become an Intuitive Eater. Each video and assignment is downloadable for your convenience and you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials.

Once you enroll, you’ll have access to the entire course immediately, so you don’t have to wait one more minute to get going on this awesome, healing journey.

"When I started, I wanted to figure out what was wrong with my will-power, mend the broken relationship with my body, and get some confidence. I felt sort of helpless and hopeless at times. Now, I don't believe that will-power had anything to do with anything, my relationship with my body is mending, and I am starting to feel much better in my skin. I still have moments of struggle - but they don't derail me from my journey. I have learned how it is to feel in alignment and how to get back into alignment during times when I feel all over the place. The benefits have been truly incredible."

- Tracy

"The whole world should be exposed to this message. There are millions of women waiting to look a certain way, a way that our culture dictates, before they go on to do great things. They can do great things now and ditch the diet culture. I feel so free. I have shed so much - diet mentality, my obsession with losing weight, being afraid of certain foods, not feeling good enough to name a few. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much Bridget and Dana. You have changed my life."

- Anne


The first question most burnt-out dieters have about Intuitive Eating is this: Will I lose weight?

We know, 'cause that was our first question way back in the day, too. And the answer is: maybe but, it’s not the point.

Research has shown us that any behavior change undertaken with weight loss as the true goal always backfires. Even if it takes like, 5 years, it always backfires.

And through Intuitive Eating you’ll heal your broken relationship with food and your body, reclaim the time and energy lost to dieting, end the restriction/binge cycle and get your sanity, confidence and life back.

And weight loss may or may not be a side effect of this process.

Sometimes, if you’ve been dieting, the restriction/binge cycle is what has caused you to gain weight. And if that’s the case, and if you’re outside of your natural, healthy, weight set point as a result, your weight may stabilize back to that range.

But honestly, you have to set the obsession with weight loss aside in order for it to work.

Now, you might be thinking “Okay, Intuitive Eating sounds nice then but, lemme lose this weight first.”

Yeah, we get it. That right there is the “One Last Diet Trap” and it’s incredibly common when contemplating a course like this.

But let us ask you this question: How’s dieting been working out for ya up until now? (Be honest.) We’d assume that it’s not going so great if you wound up here. We’d assume if it was working you’d have lost all the weight you wanted to lose and be effortlessly keeping it off as well.

But that’s probably not the case. (Refer to diet rock bottom symptoms above.)

Thinking that a new, better, more effective diet (or a magical windfall of willpower) is just around the corner, will only serve to keep you stuck longer. It will only tighten dieting’s death grip on your confidence and sanity. The longer you hold on, the longer you’ll stay stuck.

Other common concerns when thinking about diving in would be:

Um, are you crazy? If I “listen to my body” I will eat everything in site, forever, gain a million pounds and die sad and alone.

Not true. The only reason you want to eat everything in sight, even if you’re not hungry, is because on some level - either physically or psychologically - you’re restricting food. This restriction has been proven to cause irrational food behaviors, food obsession, increased cravings and binging. You cannot heal binge eating with more restriction. Letting go and trusting your body, re-calibrating your mind, your beliefs and your relationship to food is the only way to heal what feels like an out of control appetite.

Dieting is the cause, not the solution, of the pain you’re in right now.

If you truly want to be free around food, feel better in your body and let go of this painful preoccupation with fixing yourself through restriction and deprivation, then you’re going to have to let go and trust the process.

Trust us, the things you really want deep down - more confidence and greater joy and ease in your body and your life - are on the other side of Intuitive Eating.

This course is FOR YOU…

  • If you are sick and tired of dieting, beating yourself up and feeling like shit.
  • If you can relate to any or all of the symptoms of the dieting rock bottom above.
  • If you want more than anything to stop obsessing about food and feeling so out of control.
  • If you want to stop feeling confused about all the latest food fads and wellness trends.
  • And if you want to never have to go on another fucking diet ever again.

This course is NOT FOR YOU…

  • If you’re looking for a new, quick way to lose weight.
  • If you’re hoping for a prescriptive meal plan that claims to be the cure for your hunger.
  • If you’re not ready to do the work to change your life.
  • If you love Weight Watchers and hate us for talkin’ smack about it.
  • If you’re feeling amazing on your Keto meal plan, thank-you-very-much.

"I’m not emotionally reaching for food as often as before. More awareness of what I’m eating, how much, why, how I feel after eating, with less judgement. I’m practicing more kindness with myself and decreasing the impossible expectations I often have. I’m learning to use the intuitive eating concepts in other areas! I’m much more satisfied with my body and who I am.

I have not only learned that I can step away from the diet culture and see it for what it is, I can use these concepts to step away from cultures idea of what our life “should” be in many areas! And this is for me is just as important as intuitive eating! I think every woman needs to be taught to listen to herself!"

- Annette

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this course start?
It’s a self-paced, online course so you can start as soon as you like. You’ll have instant access to the entire course upon enrolling.
Do I have to know anything about Intuitive Eating to start?
Nope. This course is designed to introduce you to and walk you through everything you need to know to become an Intuitive Eater. No prior knowledge necessary.
I’ve read the book and done some research on Intuitive Eating, how will this help?
This course is not just about the intellectual understanding of Intuitive Eating but about putting it into practice as well. If you work through each lesson and corresponding assignment, you’ll be putting this process to work to heal your relationship with food and your body and truly become an Intuitive Eater in your own life.
I’ve been diagnosed with an eating disorder, can I take this course?
No. Please don’t. We are not ED clinicians and we are not qualified in anyway to treat you. Whether you have an active ED or are in the early stages of recovery, attempting to practice Intuitive Eating could potentially worsen your ED because your hunger and fullness cues could be unreliable. If you need help with an active eating disorder, please email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to offer you additional resources and referrals.
I haven’t been diagnosed with an eating disorder but, I think I have some disordered eating habits. Can I take this course?
Yes. Disordered eating is a spectrum and many people have it. Especially most American women. This course is designed for people who are chronically dieting and have disordered eating behaviors like yo-yo dieting, bingeing and restricting and overeating. But it’s not designed for anyone with medical complications as a result of those behaviors. You can email us at [email protected] if you have questions or would like further clarification.
I have a different medical condition. Can I take this course?
Depends. Intuitive Eating is about escaping the diet cycle and healing your relationship to food and your body. If you have any type of medical condition, please consult with your doctor.
How much time will this require?
Depends. There are about 2.5 hours of video lessons, most with corresponding assignments that will take some time. If you’re huge nerds like us, you may binge the whole thing in a weekend. Or perhaps you’d like to take your time and work through it gradually. The more time and effort you put in, the more you’ll get out of it and the faster you’ll heal your relationship with food and your body. It’s not an overnight shift, the process takes some time but, it’s so worth it. Remember that it’s all self-paced though, and you have access to the materials forever.
What if I’m vegan/celiac/pescatarian/carnivore/paleo/keto/zone?
Intuitive Eat is not a diet. And it will encourage you to explore the real reason you’re adhering to strict, outside rules about what, when and how much to eat. It’s not going to give you a list of foods to eat (hallelujah).
Do you have a refund policy?
We do. You have 30 days from enrollment to request a refund if the course doesn’t meet your expectations, no questions asked.

Get started now!


Intuitive Eating changed both of our lives.

We no longer diet, obsess about food, weight cycle or beat ourselves up for not being ‘good’.

And what we really want is for women everywhere to feel the freedom and confidence that comes with making this shift.

With shedding the diet mentality, healing your relationship with food and your body, and feeling empowered in your life again.

Because the world desperately needs more confident, empowered women living joyful lives.

If you’ve been struggling to get out of this painful cycle of dieting and binging, we hope you’ll dive in today and take your own first step toward the freedom and confidence that’s waiting for you.

Whatever you decide to do though, we’re rooting for you.

And we’re in your corner,

Bridget + Dana

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Your Instructor

Bridget Shannon + Dana Barron
Bridget Shannon + Dana Barron

Bridget Shannon and Dana Barron are holistic health coaches and the Co-Founders of Wellness Lately.

They help women stop dieting, beating themselves up and feeling like shit.